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Most gun sights have been designed around using one eye instead of both. Vision is based on the use of both eyes. The brain works as the processing center and tells the eyes what you are seeing. We have designed these sights around that idea. With the help of Wilmington, NC's top optometrist Daniel Mottola we have developed these revolutionary sights. 

​The brain sees. The eyes, like every other sense organ, receive and send information to the brain. Fear and stress also occur in the brain. Therefore, under stress, vision most likely will be altered and the brain will need all the help it can get to focus on visual input. Any weapon technique that aids the brain in concentrating on target input will help the shooter under duress.


When we look down the sights of a gun, we focus on the front sight, then the back sight, then the target. This takes too long, and we really shouldn’t be looking at the sights at all, but rather through them at the target.

    By utilizing our design, we make it easier for people to focus on targets downrange using both eyes.  You must use both eyes. If one eye worked better, we would do everything with one eye. Our sights allow you see the target and maintain situational awareness without losing depth perception because you are using both eyes.  With one eye closed, you lose depth perception and 50% of your vision.

Our sights also maintain a greater accuracy.  When looking down the sight, at 20 feet and in, you will stay within a 4 1/2 inch spread, no matter what fiber or tritium post you line up on.

One Eye Vision


Full Vision - Both Eyes

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